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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed most of the frequently asked question for a better understanding, still if have any other query, please feel free use the form on the page.

Yes! MyClubOnNet is accessible over multiple devides.

Android Application :

Android users can download our APP From Google Play store.

iOS Application :

Apple users can download our APP From Apple app Store.

You can also use MyClubOnNet from any browser on any device.

You may have memberships of multiple clubs, for example- membership in Rotary and also a membership in the Builders Association of your town.

Let us consider that both are registered on MyClubOnNet, in such a case, when you login on MyClubOnNet using your id and password, you will automatically be provided with an option to switch between your multiple clubs/Associations.

You don’t have to remember individual login ids and passwords, Just one single credential for any number of clubs and associations you are a member in is enough.

The Annual Usage charges for a Rotary club is Rs.2300/- per annum Only. (for clubs with less than 150 members)

The Annual Usage charges for a NON - Rotary club / Group is Rs.4500/- per annum Only. (for groups with less than 150 members)

If your club has a strength of more than 150 members then the annual usage charges will be calculated at Rs.10/- per member per annum for the exceeding numbers.

For Example :
Club with 150 members or less – Rs. 2300/- per annum
Club with 200 members – Rs 2300/- + Rs.500/- (50 extra members x Rs.10/-) = Rs.2800/- per annum

SMS Options Not Applicable Outside India / Please use FREE App Notifications

If you opt for a unique SMS sender id for your club (your unique sender id will be flashed when your members receive sms from your club) you will have to pay an additional charge of Rs.500/- per annum. - This is an optional feature

For sending SMS and Birthday info to other members, and sms messages to your club members you need to purchase Club SMS credits.

ClubSMS credits can be purchased in packs of 5000 Credits. One pack is Rs.1100/- only

For Example :
5000 sms credits - Rs 1100/-
10000 sms credits – Rs.2200/-

Yes, all members of your club can access MyClubOnNet.

Yes, We use high priority transactional SMS to send our messages to your mobiles. This route is the same route that banks use to send transaction messages.

Thus all messages generated from MyClubOnNet will be delivered to the recipients whether they have registered with DND or not

Yes, MyClubOnNet has a district or area module as applicable. Once enabled, all clubs in the district/Area will be able to :

  • View the officials of the district / Area.
  • Distirct / Area activities are viewable to all members on their dashboards and also sent to all members in the monthly newsletter emails.

District Officials will be able to perform their district responsibilities with ease. A few of the functions are

  • Add District Activities ( Sent in newsletters to members of all the clubs in the district)
  • A wide choice of selecting groups to send sms – for example : a particular events committee, the presidents and secretaries of all the clubs in the district, each and every member in the district, etc.,
  • Viewing / Printing the member information or activities of individual clubs in their district
  • and more...
The President, Secretary, Treasurer have administrative rights on Apart from these the club can have any number of Administrators (web in charge or IT officers) who can have administrative rights.
We do not charge if club data is provided in our given format (excel sheet).

Invoices are generated according to the term of your foundation. (For example for Rotary, the invoice will be generated in July), and the pay by date is 45 days from the date of the invoice.

You can make payments by clicking on the “Pay” link on the invoice and selecting our payment options

Payment options include Online Payment Gateway using Debit cards, Internet banking, etc, Or you can send a Cheque / DD to our address.

Club SMS Credits can be purchased in blocks of 5000 credits. You can enter any number of blocks that you feel fit. For Example : if you wish to purchase 10,000 credits - enter 2 ( Value will be shown as Rs.1800/-)

Payment can be made using your debit/credit cards, internet banking on our payment gateway, or by sending a cheque or dd to our address.

Online payments are processed Instantly whereas Cheques and DD will take about 2 days after they reach us.

No, we do not store card details. The transaction actually happens on 128 bit encrypted pages of the payment gateway or the processing bank.
We do not set a validity for the purchased SMS Credits. Can be utilized until exhausted.

Yes we maintain a sms history with credits utilized per transaction. Administrators can view the club sms history.

Yes, we have a provision where non admin members can purchase Personal SMS Credits and utilize them to send SMS to all other members of their clubs. Seperate SMS history is maintained for personal SMS credits.

The member can also send EMails to all members from his personal sending interface.

It only takes a few clicks to query the member and add them to the district team. The clubs that the member belongs to, should have been registered on

Our district interface provides you with many options for sending sms.

For example You can choose to send a message to

  • Only the presidents and secretaries of all clubs in the district
  • A particular Committee or all committee members or Event Teams
  • All members of the district team,
  • Each and every member of all clubs in the district
  • And more…

District officials with the rights to post district events can post district Activities. The posted activity is shown to members of all clubs on their dashboard

District activities are also sent to the emails of members of all the clubs in the district.

Yes we can provide MyClubOnNet for the entire District/Area at a nominal Cost.

Advantages of MyClubOnNet for the Entire District/Area Include...

  • Entire Directory with all Clubs/Members database
  • District/Area Directory of all Officers
  • Reduces Cost of Communication, Printing
  • And more…

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