Member Management & Interaction Platform for Clubs

For All Members

Not a single member feels left out - Available on WEB | Android | iOS

Accessibility on the go...
Access from any Browser, Android APP, iOS App

Member to Member Interaction
Quick Email / SMS from the system

Club / District Activities
View and Share Club / District Events

Digital Directory
Club / District Directory in your mobile
Advance Search Options

One Click Calling
Click to Call any member from the club / district

Print Address Labels, Lists, etc

For Club Leaders

Save Time & Money

Reporting on the go...
Projects, Events, Meetings, Minutes, etc

Export Reports
Export Club Reports for Presentations, Print etc

Self Populating Model
Members add / Edit their own data

Subscription Helper
Helps Treasurer in collection of part / Full Subscriptions

The Club Officers
Send SMS/Emails to Club Committee / Board

Automated Greetings / Reminders
Birthday & Wedding Anniversary Reminders to all your members

Passing Information Efficiently
SMS (Any Language) / Emails / Free APP Notifications

PDF files via Emails / SMS
Send Reports, Bulletins, Invitations, etc to Club / District Teams

Across the District
SMS to entire district, Regions, Group, etc

and more...
New Features are automatically available

For District Leaders

Eases the work of all District Officers, specially Assistant Governors, GML Editor, Awards Committees, Event Chairmen, Public Image Coordinator, Greetings Committee, etc.,

Paperless Club Activities Reporting
View Club Projects and Award Stars

District Projects Report
View/export of monthly reports of all clubs in the district

Regional Report
View/Export Performance of your Regions

Group / Zone Report
View/Export Performance of your Groups

Clubs Report Card
Track Club Performance

Goals & Achievements
Gov. Sets Targets for Dist. Team Members Dist. Team members can record Achievements

Digitalized District Directory
District Teams, AG, Pres/Secs, Members, etc

Instant APP Notifications
FREE Communication to all District members

Mass Communication
Quick and Efficient Communication

Targeted Communication
SMS / APP Notification to Pres/Secs, Groups, Regions, Committees, Ags, etc...)

Gov.’s Personal Touch
Automated Wishes by SMS on behalf of Governor

Address labels, Lists, Reports, etc.

Advance Search & more...
Search Any member, Blood Group search, Birthday/Anniversaries for the day, etc...

Showcase Your District

Website Integration of Data on your District Website

District Website API
Integrate Data on District Website

Showcase the Good Work
Projects of all clubs showcased on the District Website

District Teams
Core Teams, Events, Ags, Committees on your District Website

All Clubs Details
All Clubs with Meeting Place & Time and their Presidents & Secretaries

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