Member Management & Interaction Platform for Clubs


A bigger, happier club is a dream which every club has. Many clubs have successfully achieved it and many are on the process of achieving it. We looked into the factors that drive these successful clubs, and found a few not so surprising facts. The most important binding factor that we saw was member retention.

Members stay in a club only when they feel comfortable. To make them comfortable they got to mingle and interact with other members, get to know them. There are also members who leave the club because they feel left out. They are least aware of what’s going on in their club. Definitely their fault – they don’t attend the regular meetings.

Hence we concluded – Successful clubs are those clubs where members are fully aware of what’s going on in their clubs, and a chance to get to know and interact with all other members of their clubs (even if they are not able to attend a few meetings)

We tried to come up with a solution where every member has access to all the information at their convenience. The result is

My Club On Net is your Club Management Software in the form of a website, accessible from any device. It not only helps administrators perform basic operations with ease, but also helps members to connect with the club and interact with other members. is a platform packed with great features which will ease member management & interaction at club and district/area levels.

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